Physician Spotlight: Dr. Michael Moore

While we are real estate experts at Health Connect Properties, we live in the world of healthcare. Learning about our client’s work is often the most fascinating part of our job, so every month we feature a physician on our blog! 

Meet Dr. Michael Moore, a tenant rep client – and a new neighbor to Health Connect Properties as he occupies space two buildings away from our office.  

Over a decade ago in 2008, Pat Wassik received a phone call from Dr. Moore. He needed a new space…and he needed it yesterday. Within one week she found him a space in the Forum, negotiated his lease, and got the landlord to complete the necessary tenant improvements to get him up and running. When that lease expired 10 years later, Dr. Moore asked Pat to find him a new space – and this time, a bit closer to home. 

Dr. Moore is a subspecialist in Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery (GES) at the Advanced Women’s Health Institute. His focus includes reproductive endocrinology and infertility along with obstetrics and gynecology (Ob-Gyn). 

What started out as an interest in cardiology in medical school, became an interest in Ob-Gyn during his residency. Dr. Moore attended a seminar where minimally invasive surgery was used to remove fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and perform hysterectomies – something unheard of in the 80s. Open abdominal incisions were the norm in treating women’s health at the time.  

Dr. Moore’s dedication to women’s health and his patients is reflected in both his work and personal philosophy.  

“The best part of my job is when I save someone’s house.”  

All too often, a patient is directed to seek out more treatment or more surgeries than necessary – meaning more medical bills and more days off work to recover.  

“That’s what I find most gratifying – when you can do what someone else would’ve done in a much less invasive and less painful way.”  

His commitment to women’s health doesn’t stop at procedures and services, he also makes an effort to ensure patients develop trust from day one. While some patient-doctor relationships might exhibit a “paternalistic model of doctors telling patients what to do”, Dr. Moore takes a different approach: 

“I use more of an interactive model, where you explain the concepts to someone and educate them about their problem and ways to take care of them. There is generally more than one way, so it’s just treating people like an equal and not being condescending.” 

Private practice physicians carry the weight of dual responsibilities: practicing medicine and running a business. While most doctors have the wherewithal to gracefully manage both, the sheer volume of work between the business and patients can become overwhelming. From a very practical standpoint, mismanaged operating expenses for a private practice can be devastating – and real estate costs fall second in line to salaries as the largest expense a practice incurs.  

“Seeking out HCP allowed me to focus on the medical side. You went out and found this place. You went through the brain damage of the negotiations.