Meet the Staff: Julie Bulatovic

We are thrilled to officially welcome Julie Bulatovic to the HCP team! Julie will serve as our Director of Business Development and work closely on brokerage and development projects while also sourcing leads for property management. She has an extensive background in healthcare commercial real estate, as she was the VP of Leasing & Construction Management with NexCore before opening her own Hand & Stone franchises.



  1.    Why did you get into real estate?  

As a child my father was great role model for me. He would tote me around looking at building sites. He would comb neighborhoods looking for real estate opportunities after picking me up from school.  I hated it as a child, but he was very good at keeping it entertaining. Over his career, I watched him build and sell homes, convert property to new uses, buy and sell medical properties – all as a side gig because he was a full-time family practice doctor.

While working for George Shaeffer Construction in Vail, I read about an amazing company in the Denver Business Journal and decided that was where I wanted to work. The Neenan Company, then branching off to NexCore Group, became my home for the majority of my career.


  1.    What is your vision for HCP?

Pat Wassik and the HCP team have an incredible foundation. My vision is to help us move into the next twenty years with a larger portfolio through growing our property management business, while continuing to develop properties. We have a great opportunity and talented staff – I am excited to see what we can accomplish together.


  1.   What is the CRE outlook for the Rocky Mountain region?

Bustling with growth and change! Our downtown skyline and residential rooftops continues to increase to support the huge numbers of people moving to Colorado. The healthcare jobs are continuing to increase, thus, providing for new opportunities in healthcare development.


  1.   What advice would you give someone starting in the industry?

Find someone smarter than you and convince them to teach you everything they know! Stay humble and volunteer your time to help a greater cause.


  1.   How do you spend your free time?

I love to spend time with my husband, Brian, and my two young sons, Bronson (age 11) and Brozek (age 9).Our favorite activities including alpine skiing, hiking, and tennis. I love to watch my kids perform their sports and activities – currently, hockey and basketball. I personally love cooking and learning about wine, riding my bike, and reading.