Direct Primary Care vs. Concierge Medicine

We hear this question often from clients and prospects: What is the difference between concierge and direct primary care? Both approaches to primary care are expanding rapidly in Colorado as employers and individuals search for less costly ways of providing patients with easy access to physicians. Although the terms are used interchangeably, both are not the same – and Health Connect has worked with both types of providers.

The concierge model operates on monthly subscriptions, where patients are charged an average fee of $200 for round-the-clock access to primary care. While there are many varieties of this model, this is the most traditional form where the practice profits from this fee but also bills insurance companies for visits, collecting money from two streams and cutting interaction with insurance companies.

With the direct primary care model, primary care providers rarely take insurance; instead, choosing to rely on the monthly/annual fee from patients. A key benefit of not taking insurance is  the practice is not subject to Medicare regulations and bypasses insurance companies. However, according to Ed Sealover from the Denver Business Journal (DBJ), “Those who use the services of direct primary care still have insurance policies for higher-acuity care but use them far less.”

Health Connect Properties (HCP) is very familiar with both structures as we manage buildings with both types of practices. At 180 Adams, we placed Dr. Kevin Lutz in his space, where his concierge model is covered by an annual fee. At 195 Inverness, we represented the Landlord in placing PeakMed in the building. The direct primary care company is bringing health care to company campuses for employers who want even more local service, stated Sealover, by using medical-equipped vans staffed by a physician and a medical assistant to bring the care directly to patients.


As both provider types see far less patients than your standard primary care model, this impacts the type of space they need and the day-to-day use. Contact us to learn more about how your direct primary care or concierge practice can optimize its real estate!